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Some Notable Red Flags of Bad Home Cleaning Services

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Hiring a home cleaning service should make your life easier, not harder. Unfortunately, not all cleaning services are created equal.

That said, bad home cleaning services can be hard to spot, but below are some red flags to watch out for when choosing a home cleaning service.

1. Their Prices Are Too Good to Be True

You want to find a good deal on something you’re interested in, but you don’t want the quality of the item or service to be too low. You want to get the best value for your money.

Cheap prices for cleaning services are often a red flag that the quality of the service will be poor. You may also be dealing with a scammer or someone who just wants to get into your home. This can be very dangerous and is not worth the risk, no matter how low the price is.

It’s important to remember that not every company is the same. Some start-up companies offer their services at a lower price in order to gain loyal customers. Right now, their main goal is to earn your trust and hopefully get you to recommend them to your friends and relatives.

When looking for a service, it is important to be aware of companies that offer low prices as a warning sign. It is essential to do your research and ask questions about the company and its services. Doing a thorough background check can save you from being scammed. You may also find a great company that offers affordable services.

2. They Are Not Registered

If a business is not registered, it may be because they are avoiding paying taxes or complying with other state laws. This is not in the customer’s best interest and should be cause for concern.

You won’t have any control over them, and they won’t be held responsible for any theft or damage to property. You may even be blamed for hiring a shady company. To avoid this, ask for proof of registration. A legitimate company will be happy to show you theirs.

3. They Have No Permanent Address

When you are looking to hire a professional home cleaner, always make sure that they have a physical office address. This will help you avoid any potential scams from people who may pose as service providers to gain access to your home. Checking for a physical office address is a simple way to help protect yourself from these types of scams.

When you have a problem with a company, your best bet is to go to the head office. If the company doesn’t have a permanent address or if the address they have listed online is fake, it’s probably a scam.

4. Their Cleaners Are Not Bonded and Insured

When looking for a professional home cleaning service, it is important to inquire about whether the employees are bonded and insured. This protects the homeowner and the employees in case of accidents or theft.

Basically, you should always check to see if the company’s policy is up to date. Hiring someone who is not bonded or insured can be risky.

5. They Are Not Equipped with the Proper Cleaning Tools

A professional cleaning company will always be equipped with the proper tools to get the job done correctly. If they don’t, it’s a red flag that you should be aware of.

When professional home cleaners come to your house without their own tools, it’s a sign that they don’t plan on doing a very good job. Save yourself some time and money by hiring someone else.


When looking for a home cleaning service, it is important to be aware of the red flags that can indicate a bad service. Some of the most notable red flags include a lack of insurance or certification, a fee that is too good to be true, and an inability to provide any legitimate credentials.

By being aware of these red flags, you can avoid hiring a home cleaning service that is likely to do a poor job and potentially damage your home.

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