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Getting Regular Cleaning vs. Periodic Deep Clean

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House cleaning is a never-ending task that can be more difficult than it looks. To ensure your living space is clean and healthy, it is beneficial to use a professional cleaner regularly. Even if you have your way of managing your home, having a professional cleaner come by occasionally can help to ease the load of cleaning.

It is up to you to decide how often you should have a professional cleaning. Factors such as how often you use your house, how much mess you make, and how much of a neat freak you are can all affect your decision. 

Regular Cleaning Service

Housekeeping teams can come to your home regularly, depending on your needs. A common option is to have them come every two weeks. This is usually a good fit for families with kids and larger homes, as they tend to accumulate more mess. People with busy work schedules or those who need to focus deeply on their work may prefer to have the team come less often, like once a month. This is a great option for empty-nesters or those on a budget.

How Often to Get Regular Cleaning

It may be beneficial to take a step back and assess your current strategy and what you feel is working effectively or requires improvement. Just keeping surfaces free of mess, dust, and food residues is a great habit, but there are probably lots of other activities you can’t manage yourself. 

If you can call in a professional service regularly, such as once a week or every fortnight, there will be less to do each time the cleaner comes. This way, you will save money in the long run. If you wait too long, the mess will become bigger and take longer to clean. Professional cleaners can take care of tasks you may not have the time to do.

Here are three household essentials that need to be cleaned often:

  • Refrigerators

It is important to take the time each month to clean your refrigerator. It is often overlooked, but it is full of bacteria, especially in the salad drawers, which contain many more bacteria than in other parts of your house. So, cleaning it out every month can help keep your home clean and safe.

  • Keyboards

Many individuals eat while using their computers; unfortunately, their keyboards can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Research has revealed that these keyboards contain the same type of germs as your restroom, which can be hazardous if you consume food nearby.

  • Pillowcase and Mattress Cleaning

A clean mattress is important to maintain good hygiene, even if you only spend time sleeping on it. It’s best to clean your mattress every six months, but if that is not possible due to money or other reasons, you can arrange a custom schedule and have it cleaned whenever you feel necessary.

Periodic Deep Clean

If you’re content with the tidiness of your home daily, a yearly deep clean may be more beneficial than a regular housekeeping service. It is up to you when you have it done, as it will depend on your schedule, but a popular choice is to do it in spring. Nevertheless, we suggest not waiting for more than twelve months to do a cleaning.

At the end of winter, it is a great opportunity to clean your house thoroughly. Being indoors for a long period and with windows shut, dust and other dirt may increase in your home, decreasing the air quality. To combat this, a deep clean must address the accumulated grime. Spring cleaning can bring a feeling of accomplishment and refreshment and is a great way to start the new season.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Regularly tidying up your home by yourself can help keep it looking neat, but it is still a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service every year to get a thorough, deep clean. If you need a reliable and efficient cleaning service, Inside Out Cleaning is the perfect choice.

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Can I cancel any time?

There are never contracts or obligations when working with InsideOut Cleaning. You can cancel an appointment at any time. The only thing we ask is if you have to reschedule for any reason, let us know at least 48 hours in advance. There is a $60 cancellation fee for cancellations that occur 48 hours before the arrival time of the appointment.

What happens if I’m not happy with my cleaning?
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How long will it take to clean my house?
The time needed for a home cleaning can vary based on many factors. These include the condition and size of the home, extras, and which team we send since some cleaners clean faster than others.
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How many people will arrive to clean my home?

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