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What You Need to Know to Have a Clean Home All Year Round

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According to the American Cleaning Institute, the average American spends six hours each week cleaning and wonders if they are doing it correctly. 

The frequency with which a home is cleaned is determined by its size, the frequency with which its rooms are used, furnishings, and surfaces. A basic cleaning can be done once a week, while a comprehensive cleaning can be done every few months or once a year.

Cleaning removes microorganisms, prevents allergies, and extends the life of the components in your home. A cluttered home, on the other hand, is harmful to your physical and emotional well-being.

Some jobs must be completed on a daily basis to prevent dust and filth collection, but others can be completed monthly or even annually. Cleaning will no longer be a chore after you’ve established a schedule.

Read on to discover what you need to know to have a clean home all year round.

Home Cleaning: Daily

  • Countertops

Mold, fungi, and bacteria can grow on porous natural stone surfaces. Drying and cleaning the surface of microorganisms kills them. A dry cloth and soapy water or a pH-appropriate detergent should suffice.

  • Kitchen and bathroom floor 

Mopping removes grease when cooking, but sweeping removes crumbs. How frequently should the restroom be cleaned? Daily bathroom mopping removes safety hazards as well as mold and mildew.

Home Cleaning: Every Couple of Days

  • Clutter

Disorganized dust may contain allergens such as dander, mold, and pollen. Wiping surfaces gets more difficult when there is too much clutter around. Maintaining clutter-free living areas is impossible, but setting aside time every few days will help.

  • Sinks

Preventative maintenance on your bathroom and kitchen sink drains is recommended. Remove pop-up stoppers or drain guards to eliminate debris. To unclog the pipes, pour hot water or a vinegar solution down the sink drain every few days.

Home Cleaning: Weekly

  • Bed Linen

Weekly bed linen cleaning removes pathogens, sweat, body fluid, allergies, pollen, dead skin, pet dander, and dust mites. A lack of linen changes may disrupt your skin’s ecology. Change your bedding every 3 to 4 days if you have allergies or if you have dogs.

  • Carpets and Surfaces

How often should carpets be cleaned? If you don’t have pets, live in a dusty area, or carry a lot of dirt into your home, you just need to vacuum your carpets and floors once a week. Even if you must mop, vacuuming loose dirt first is preferable.

  • Toilets, Baths, and Showers

Due to high humidity, mold accumulates on grout, tile, and shower curtains in bathrooms. How often should you clean your bathroom? Perform a full bathroom cleaning once a week, disinfecting the toilet, sink, and tub or shower.

Home Cleaning: Every Couple of Weeks

  • Dishwashers and Microwaves 

Dishwashers and microwaves should be cleaned once a month. Run your dishwasher through a hot water cycle with a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda to reduce fats and odors. Disinfect microwave surfaces, handles, and touchpads to eradicate bacteria.

  • Dusting

Monthly for easily accessible spots, and every three to six months for ceiling fans, door frames, and high shelves. A duster just spreads dust, so instead, use a moist cloth.

Home Cleaning: Occasionally

  • Closets and Pantries

Get rid of outdated food and unneeded clothing before the start of a new season. Cleaning closets and pantries removes dust and keeps insects away from clothing and food.

  • Ovens

Ovens that are dirty reduce cooking efficiency and increase the risk of fire. If you bake or cook frequently, you should clean your oven every three months.

Home Cleaning: Yearly

  • Bulbs

Clean your house thoroughly once a year. Light bulbs with their holders. Grime accumulates and obscures visibility.

  • Curtains and Upholstery

Yearly cleaning of the curtains and upholstery removes dust and animal dander. Fabrics are deodorized once a year through washing or rigorous cleaning.


Cleaning shouldn’t be too difficult or stressful. As such, one thing you should work on is the discipline that goes into regular cleaning tasks. When you fill up and accomplish your cleaning checklists, you will see that cleaning can be simple, easy, and even quick all year round!

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