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Why House Cleaning Services Don’t Include Toy Pick-Up

While we are all aware that premium cleaning services in Arizona are hired to clean your home, there is often misunderstanding about what they can and cannot clean.

We get these kinds of questions, and we’re always pleased to respond! There are obvious questions, such as other appliances, but what about more specific goods, such as toys?

Is It True That House Cleaners Pick Up Toys?

Picking up toys is not a normal component of a house cleaner’s job, so make sure toys are carefully stored to get the most out of your service. If that isn’t an option, make a deal with your house cleaner to have them pick up the toys.

Let’s look at why this is the case and what you need to know about having your house cleaner pick up toys.

Here are the two primary reasons house cleaning professionals often don’t pick up toys.

Picking Up Toys Takes Much Too Long

Cleaning is a difficult task, but it’s one that virtually everyone can appreciate because almost everyone has had to clean at some point in their lives!

And if you’ve ever done any major cleaning, you’re well aware of how distracting distractions can be. Any disruption in your cleaning regimen, whether due to hovering children, unexpected phone calls, or, even worse, an unanticipated mess, can slow you down. One of the main reasons individuals leave the house (if at all feasible) and leave the cleaning to the pros is because of this.

Toys are no different than any of these other distractions in that they can easily disrupt your house cleaner’s schedule and slow down the entire cleaning process. To make matters worse, home cleaners have no idea where the toys should go, and it isn’t always obvious—especially if kids have brought their toys halfway across the house to another room.

Extra Tasks Make It More Difficult to Give Estimates and Plan Days

If you pay hourly, you’ll pay your cleaning crew to pick up toys, something you don’t need a professional. 

If you’re paying a flat cost for the work, adding extra responsibilities like picking up toys makes it difficult for your house cleaning team to give you an accurate price, and after the job, someone will be unhappy—either you or your cleaning team!

It’s not easy to run a house cleaning service, and while the concept is simple, the cleaning staff must manage dozens (often hundreds) of clients. Even adding 20 minutes to a two-hour work might have a cascading effect on the daily schedule, causing other clients to be dissatisfied.

To stay on schedule, house cleaners must stick to what they’re good at, usually not finding the perfect spot for toys!

How to Request That Your Housecleaner Pick Up Toys

So, what if you want your house cleaning to pick up toys…is it something you can arrange?

Yes, but it depends on the person you hire!

Larger organizations and chains may not be as flexible as smaller local businesses and individual cleaners, but they may be prepared to work with you in some cases.

Just make sure you’re clear about how many toys will be in the house and where they belong. If you set your house up for success, they might be willing to pick up toys but anticipate some decline.

You can typically work out a deal if you’re forthright with your house cleaner about changing the linens or other specific add-ons.

When house cleaners are unaware that toys will be on the floor, a major problem arises. Cleaning around them is inconvenient, but it may also harm pricey vacuums for smaller toys. As a result, always be aware of the status of your home and what has to be done!

Final Thoughts

Like many other house cleaning queries, the quick answer to whether or not house cleaners pick up toys is…it depends!

While some companies and cleaning service providers will be willing to help, nearly none will consider it a primary function.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it as part of your personal service!

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