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Everything to Know about Hiring a House Cleaning Company

If you need to have an unpleasant household chore finished as soon as possible, there are some smart ways to decide whether you should hire a professional cleaning company or an individual cleaner.

Professional services are much more cost-effective and efficient in the long run. In this guide, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about hiring a house cleaning company.

House Cleaners and Insurance

When you hire a professional cleaning service, they will come with insurance and liability. This means that if they were to accidentally break something in your house, they will cover the cost of the damage as well as your lost time and peace of mind.

If you are hiring an individual cleaner and they accidentally damage something, you will have to cover the cost.

Here are some examples of cleaners’ insurance:

1) General Liability

General liability insurance is a standard policy that covers the cost of property damage and bodily injury liability. General liability policies protect your cleaners at a standard rate from risks.

2) Bonding Insurance

Bonding policies ensure that your cleaner is properly bonded, which means they have an insurance bond that pays for the cost of breaking anything in your home and any other expenses that can’t be paid by the general liability policy.

3) Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance covers your cleaner in case they get injured while they’re cleaning your home. Any kind of injury from work-related activities is covered under workers’ compensation.

Types of Cleaner’s Charging Systems

Many customers assume that if they hire a professional cleaner, they’ll have to pay an hourly rate for their services. However, a professional cleaner’s charging system can take many different forms depending on the type of cleaning services they offer and the geographic location of the cleaning jobs.

Here are the most common charging systems:

1) Flat Rates

House cleaning agencies and services will often charge a flat rate for their cleaning services, regardless of the workload. This means that you will be charged the same rate for a one-hour cleaning as you would for a five-hour cleaning.

2) Square Footage Rates

Many professional cleaners come to your house and measure the square footage of your home before providing a quote on the job. This is because square footage has a direct impact on the amount of time it takes to clean your home and how much it will cost you.

3) Lot Size Rates

Similar to square footage rates, lot size rates are based on how much square footage your property takes up, as well as the number of hills and steps outside of your home.

4) Weight Rates

Flat rate and square footage rates are becoming more and more popular. However, weight rates are still the most common way that cleaners charge. The weight rates are based on how many pounds of cleaning the job takes.


Hiring a house cleaning company is a great way to alleviate stress and have more time for yourself. With an efficient cleaning service, you’ll have the time to spend on what matters most to you.

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